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Cultural Linguistic Responsiveness Teaching

What is Cultural Linguistic Responsiveness?

Cultural Linguistic Responsiveness Teaching (CLR) is understanding and appreciating home and school culture. CLR is also creating a space where all feel safe and connected.
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Graphic concept by: Angelique Masellis, Content by: Dr. Sharroky Hollie,

Designed by: Jessica Golz

Focusing on values over rules helps to strengthen a community. Often, children perceive rules as them being told what to do. Values on the other hand, can be created together by all members of a unit. Discussing values allows everyone to feel more ownership and is a great way to make a family connection stronger.

Here is an example of this activity. The photos (photos below) shows a poster created by students in a 5th grade classroom. To start this process, students wrote 3 words they value most and explained why they did. After, students shared their choices with the class while the teacher tallied their responses. The teacher created a large sign and all students signed it to show their agreement.

A similar process can happen at home to help everyone understand what is important to all family members. Here is a form that can be helpful in beginning this activity.

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