Class of 2020 Graduation

Anna High School

The Ceremony Overview

Many of you have reached out to us with your thoughts and opinions about graduation. We appreciate your input. We care deeply for our seniors and wish to honor them in the highest degree possible. At the same time, we want to minimize health and safety risks for our seniors and their families.

The District considered in-person, vehicle, and virtual options for graduation. We have combined these options in an effort to maintain as many traditions as possible while ensuring the safety of our community.

The graduation ceremony will remain on May 22 and will take place in the Anna High School parking lot. Each senior will be allowed one vehicle and may fit as many people in it as legally allowed.

Vehicles will be directed to park in a specific area and then each car will be released to drive their senior up to the stage. This will allow each family a front-row view of your senior walking across the stage to receive their diploma. This unique format will allow you to be closer than you would ever get in a stadium-style ceremony.

We believe this provides the safest option for the most number of students to participate.

If your family does not have access to a vehicle, please contact Carrie Burney by noon on Wednesday, May 20. email or call 972.924.1022

Cap & Gown Curbside Pick Up Monday, May 18

Seniors will pick up caps, gowns, and regalia (including cords, stoles, and medals) from AHS on Monday, May 18, from 12:00 Noon - 3:00 PM.

During cap and gown pick up, seniors will also receive a graduation ticket with their name on it. This ticket will allow one vehicle into the ceremony and will be given to the announcer before each senior walks across the stage.

Yearbooks are in! Seniors who ordered yearbooks will get them, as well.

We will also conduct a final senior check-out.

  • Please bring any school-owned items (including laptops, Chromebooks, library books, textbooks, and athletics or band equipment).
  • Please be prepared to pay any school-related balances that your senior might owe (including unpaid cafeterias, AP exams, and library fees).

Ceremony Attire

Graduation is a special event and graduates are expected to dress accordingly.

Graduation Arrival Procedures

Due to space limitations, vehicles larger than an SUV will not be permitted.

Each senior will be given one name card during Cap & Gown Pick Up. Bring this card to the ceremony as it will serve as a ticket for one vehicle.

Vehicles may start arriving at 5:30 p.m.

Graduation vehicles will enter the AHS north (front) parking lot via Rosemond Parkway.

The Top Ten Graduates will use the east entrance to the parking lot (via West Crossing).

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Upon arrival, tune into FM station 104.1

Each vehicle will be asked to show their ticket to the event staff. Event staff will direct you where to park.

Vehicles will be directed to line up in the order they arrive (not in alphabetical order).

Vehicles will park facing east. This will allow each row to easily pull forward and loop around the high school dropoff lane (Graduation Lane) when it is time for your senior to walk across the stage.

If you choose to get out of your vehicle, you must stay within the immediate area of your car. This will allow everyone to maintain social distancing and be prepared to return to their vehicle when directed to move.

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Ceremony Begins at 7:00 PM

The top ten graduates, followed by rows 1-10 will be directed to proceed to the Graduate Drop-Off Station in Graduation Lane.

Six vehicles at a time will temporarily park on the right side of the Graduation Lane.

The six seniors will exit the vehicles (with their ticket in hand) and walk to the six designated senior spots just east of the stage.

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The first 3 cars (belonging to the first 3 seniors) will be directed to pull up in front of the stage for a front-row view of your senior walking across the stage.

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One at a time, each senior will hand their ticket to the announcer and will walk across the stage while stopping in the middle to receive their diploma and smile for a photograph.

As a precautionary measure, the staff on stage will wear a mask and gloves and will not shake hands with the senior.

Each senior will advance to the next marker as each senior crosses the stage.

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After the first 3 graduates cross the stage, the corresponding 3 vehicles will pull up to the designated area, where the graduates will re-enter their vehicles. Event staff will direct you to rejoin your original row in the parking lot.

The next 3 vehicles will pull up to the stage as the previous 3 vehicles pull forward.

Event staff will be present to help direct the flow of seniors and vehicles on Graduation Lane.

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Moving the Tassels

Once every senior has received their diploma and all vehicles have returned to the parking lot, seniors will be instructed to exit their vehicle. Seniors will face the stage for the Certification of Graduates and be directed to move their tassel from the right to left as a symbol of graduation.

Get Loud!

These Coyote Graduates deserve a HUGE celebration! In lieu of tossing caps, you may hoot and holler, honk your horns and celebrate as loud as possible.

***Please refrain from honking or blowing horns during the ceremony.

Exit Directions

Please follow directions from event staff as you exit the parking lot.

Let's See Your Decorations!

We encourage you to decorate your vehicles and graduation caps in celebration of our seniors! All decorations should be family-friendly and be representative of your school and community.


Danny McFadden will be positioned on a scaffold directly across the stage to take pictures of seniors as they cross the stage. Online access to these digital photos will be available to you at NO COST!

Live Stream

Anna ISD will offer free live stream viewing of the ceremony. This link will not work until graduation begins.

The video may also be viewed at any time after the ceremony on the Anna ISD YouTube channel.

Inclement Weather Plan

In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony will be rescheduled to Saturday, May 23 at 10:00 a.m.

Hoping for One More Celebration

We'd love for our senior class to have the opportunity to be together in person again and for them to collectively celebrate their graduation. Although that is not possible at this time, we are tentatively planning a community-wide event for a date later this summer to honor our graduates.

Please check the Anna ISD Facebook page and our website throughout the summer for details for a possible event.