Battle of Fort Fisher

By: Austin Delp

A Look Ahead...

Fort Fisher is located at the coast of North Carolina. It is below Wilmington North Carolina, but above Southport North Carolina. Fort Fisher was established in 1861.
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The Reason...

The Battle of Fort Fisher started when the Union tried to capture the fort guarding Wilmington, North Carolina. Wilmington was very important to North Carolina and the South because it was one of the last ports that the Atlantic had.
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The Battle Of Fort FIsher

The Navy first tried to attack the fort demolish the forts walls by filling a ship with powder, but this failed. Next, the Army started landing troops to start the battle but due to in climate weather conditions, this also failed. Finally, the fort was destroyed by a huge Union Fleet and Fort Fisher was destroyed on January 1865.

Fun Facts!

  • Some said that Fort Fisher was built too good and couldn't be destroyed
  • Fort Fisher is located at the mouth of The Cape Fear River which was a bit of an advantage.
  • Present day Oak Island, North Carolina is know for having one of the Oldest Lighthouses in the United States and had the second brightest light in the world. It is said that this lighthouse helped lead the troops to Fort Fisher.
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