Battle Of Fredericksberg

Elizabeth Riegel

When was the battle fought?

The battle of Fredericksberg was fought on December 11-15, 1862.

What Happened?

Burnside’s plan was to use the nearly 60,000 men in Franklin’s Left Grand Division to crush Lee’s southern flank on Prospect Hill while the rest of his army held Longstreet in position at Marye’s Heights.

The union's plan was held in hopes of achieving but due to lack of reinforcements and the counterattack's strength both sides suffered heavy losses and there was no real change in strategic situation.

It was a confederate victory.


- It was one of the deadliest battles of the Civil war, resulting in the death of around 13,000.
- The battle was fought within the streets of Fredericksberg. that's how they got the name; it was the first battle that was considered "urban combat"
-With 200,000 soldiers, it featured one of the largest concentration of soldiers.
- The union attemted to create a "diversion" which in turn led to more casualties and little success.
-The union lost around 9,000 men, while the confederacy lost around 4,500.
-About 6 weeks after the battle President Lincoln removed burnside from the Army of the Potomac.
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