Beauty And A Tease

Our Special day is coming soon!

March 15, 2014 @ 5;45 pm to 9 pm

Beauty And A Tease

Saturday, March 15th, 5:45-9pm

265 Hermitage Ave

Nashville, TN

Start your evening with us for an Sensual and Glamorous night of Complimentary Facials, Pole and Exotic Chair Dance, along with complimentary champagne desserts! To add more spice to the night, please do not be shy to dress up! Sexy shorts, heels, and some fish net stockings will do the trick!

With all the fun we will have, however there are a few things that we need to remember.

1. Please be on time. We have 30 minutes before the class starts to get Glamorous!

2. Do not wear lotion or body oils before the class. If you have lotions or oils on you will have a hard time trying to climb the pole!

3. Eat early and not right before the party, we want you to be able to balance you weight and we do not want you to be sick at the class.

4. Earrings are OK to wear, but please remove any bracelets, watches, and rings. They may break and scratch the pole.

Also, please visit and pick out your $15 gift. If at all possible give me the order before the party to ensure that I will have your gift available at the party. Or you may choose a gift certificate the day of the party and the certificate must be redeemed within 14 days. if there are any additional questions please contact Lewa @ 615.609.1661

Thanks again! Now lets have some fun!