Class of 2016 Class Council

Election Results


John Lowry

The Class of 2016--- we have talent, no doubt about that. We are athletes, researchers, and activists; we are a rare type given there are only 3,270 of us. We know who we are, but with two years left before we graduate “what do we represent?” is an important question to hold onto.

I believe when every Class graduates, they should look back on their experience with Pride. A large part of that is the understanding that you were part of a collection of people that contributed in a meaningful manner--- to Cornell, to our Community, and in no small degree to the World.

That's my vision, and the reasoning behind my re-election campaign for your Class President. Over the past year, we have demonstrated our Commitment to our Community, and I hope to forward that Tradition. Unlike other Classes, our Philanthropy efforts are geared toward Ithaca and our immediate surroundings. This year alone, we have reached out to the elderly, donated books to kindergarten children, and sent holiday cards to those whose families are absent, or too far away to be a comforting presence. That's just the start, and I hope to continue to spearhead our efforts to shape ourselves as a Class dedicated to expressing gratitude and using our talent to the fullest.

Executive Vice President

Justine Brennan

Hey Class of 2016! My name is Justine Brennan, and I am running for reelection for the position of Executive Vice President of 2016 Class Council. I have been involved with Class Council since the beginning of my first semester at Cornell, and I would love continue my involvement in spreading class pride on campus. I have really enjoyed being able to be a part of the event planning process for numerous class events the last two years, and I would greatly appreciate the chance to plan more incredible events for this semester and the following year. Increasing class spirit is a huge priority of mine for the coming year, and as Executive Vice President I plan on aiding in the creation of several events to help promote 2016 pride. Let’s help increase 2016 spirit and build another awesome year here at Cornell! Vote Justine for Executive V.P.!

Vice President for Public Relations

Jung-Ju Lee

I’m J.J., and I’m a Government major minoring in International Relations in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am running for re-election as the Vice President of Public Relations As a member of Class Council, the Peer Review Board, and the Student Union Board, I’ve had the opportunity to network with students, leaders, and faculty and play a role in reaching out to various members of our class. Whether it’s listening to my peers debate the issues of diversity, voice their opinions on housing regulations, or pitch various programs for funding, I’ve recognized the great potential in the Class of 2016 and the role it will play in shaping Cornell University. And so, I believe unity through communication and active involvement on part of the student body is crucial to accomplishing our class’s agenda. As the Vice President of Public Relations, I hope to better improve the visibility of Class Council events and help plan greater events that will bring ideas, opportunities, and our class together. I’ve been part of the 2016 Class Council since the very first meeting and whether as a VP or not, I look forward to seeing how far we progress as a class in the next two years.

Vice President of Promotions

Stefanie Allman

As Vice President of Promotions for Class Council 2016 I have had so much fun this past year planning events to engage the student body, raise school morale and give back to our school community. Food is always a success and our Fat Fridays such as Milk and Cookies and South of the Border proved this to be true. Another hit was our DecorEat event where students had an opportunity to decorate and make creative cupcakes. Class Council 2015 joined with Class Council 2016 for our Valentine Sing Your Heart out Karaoke event where we served pizza and wings. Our local philanthropy project was a literacy program for pre-school children at the Tompkins Library called Read Big Red, which highlighted Clifford, the Big Red Dog. Our holiday card photo competition project really brightened the holidays for the elderly at nursing homes in Ithaca. We are looking forward to our Mardi Gras event. If elected to serve again as Vice President of Promotions, I hope to bring many more fun events to campus and I hope to increase publicity so that more students will participate in these events. Class 2016 is the best!

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