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Why we shouldn't build an oil refinery in Alaska

Reasons why:

  • If we build this on the land it will destroy trees, plants, and animals homes
  • The oil refinery will be really noisy
  • These oil refineries put pollution in the air, land, and water
  • Many of the gases emitted by refineries are harmful to humans, and can cause permanent damage and even death
  • Study shows that if you are close to an oil refinery you can suffer a 30%-40% more respiratory problems
  • If you build this on the water you will probably kill fish and other sea animals
  • There are a lot of Alaskans who eat fish and a lot of fishermen in Alaska, then if they build an oil refinery, there won't be as much fish
  • Let's recall back to 2010 when the BP oil spill happened that took 11 lives and tons of animals, What would you do to not let that happen again?
  • Yes we need oil for gas, but do we need to go through all that trouble by putting all of these pollutants in the air that we don't need