By; Rayna Anderson


Habitat-South Africa, Angola Namibia, Congo, and Madagascar which lands are a combination of various contrast for example like dry land, sunny weather, and kilometers after kilometers of green trees and lakes, sea, tree shadow and fruits-flowers. They make nests on branches, in holes of trees, in mud-holes, at slope-lands

Color Patterns-Typically a green body with with a red/orange face and throat patch

Male traits-Face is more red than female’s

Female traits-More of an orange face, also more aggressive and terrestrial

Chick traits-Often like most birds. Are left alone in nests by mother for long periods of time

Unusual behavior- Love birds mate for life, and often feed each other. Lovebirds pine for each other's affection

Adaptations- Lovebirds’ feathers help them blend into their environment. Their beaks also allow them to eat any for the please.


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