Destiny Warren


I love my dog Bruno soo muchh

I have a dog who named Bruno who I love so so much, and my best friends names are Katelyn Mowery and Jason Baughman. I love listening to music my favorite type of music is rap, my favorite songs are Chandelier and Colt 45. I don't get along with many people and my favorite people are my cousins, Joe and Kayla and my aunt April because they always have my back. I miss swift because I had to leave my best friend. I have a lot of role models too many to name. I love going on adventures outside with my Cousin Kayla.

We should all start to live before we get old. Fear is stupid, and so are regrets.

My whole life<3

This is a picture of me, my cousin, Kayla and my bestest best best friend Teddy. Teddy is one of the realest friends out there he messes up a lot but so do I. I know no matter what it came down to he'd always have my back and I know so would Kayla, that's why I lve this picture so much because they are the truest friends that I have out there even though Kayla is also family. Before I knew Teddy I was pretty lost I had no clue what was happening in this world he has taught me so much stuff. He might not be the most perfect kid or friend out there but I know he tries. At home Teddy is under a lot of pressure so he made a few mistakes that had screwed him over a little bit so now he has to face his consequences he is going to a private school and cant really do anything he has to do chores all day and his

Wiz Khalifa

I chose this picture because I loved the quote and I afraid of that same thing and ask that same question.. and also I love Wiz Khalifa and I love the movie Mac and Devin go to high school that he plays in.