REACH Health NewsLetter

Stress Management

Less Stress in our Lives

We all get overwhelmed and feel stressed at times. As we know stress can hurt our health. It is very important to find ways to offset those negative effects. Creating healthy habits can help us work well under pressure.

Sweat More & Stress Less

Stress can create a bad cycle between your body and mind. Exercise helps break that cycle by releasing feel good brain chemicals (called endorphins) that help fight off the effects of stress.

Take a break & Breathe

When you're feeling stressed try a few minutes of deep breathing.

Inhale for 5 seconds. Hold for 5 seconds. Exhale for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times or until you feel calm, settled, and focused.

Disconnect & Recharge your mind

Unplug to recharge our minds. Our phones need recharging and so do our brains. Disconnecting from our phones for a while each day can help us stress less, sleep much better, and gives us the opportunity to spend more time doing more rewarding activities.