Computer Hardware

By Mahamed

Hard drive HDD/SDD

A hardrive is he computers main storage media device which permenatly saves data from your computer.Hardrives where first introduced  on september 1956 as data storage for a IBM real time.There are two different types of hard drives HDD and SDD. the diffence between the two is SDD is very fast and HDD is used to acsess files and devices.
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Optical Disc Drive (ODD)

An Optical drive is a disc drive wich can use either laser light or elctromagnetic waves.Some drives can only read dics but reasent drives are readers and recorders.Compacts discs such as DVDs and Blu-Ray discs are commen types of optical media wich can be read and recorded by such devices


A computer monitor is a device used to display images from the video card.Moniters are very important when using a computer as you will not be able to see what the computer is doing without it.

Input And Output devices

There are many input and output devices,imput and output devices are devices used to put things into a device or a device that showes information.Some imput devices are keybords,mouses,opical pens and touch screen.Also ther are output devices such as a moitor,printer,speakers,headphones and braille keybord.


Thouchscreens are devises which are by touching them. The most common thouchscreens are used in phones and some reasent computers.