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Tutankhamen was riding his chariot (carelessly) and he crashed! He got some kind of disease in his knee and we don't know if our Pharaoh is going to make it! :( If he dies who is going to be Pharaoh next?
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King Tut's Death :(

Right before we published the Egyptian Post we got breaking news about King Tut's death he died 1323 BCE. He died from the disease in his knee. To find out who is going to be pharaoh next read more to find out!
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Seti 1st becoming Pharoah

Seti 1st became Pharaoh! He was a strange commoner and now he's Pharaoh! Wow! Things do happen fast!
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Ahhhhh..... Isn't it so great that years ago Tutankhamen Changed our religion back?

Wonder what it would be like if Tutankamen didn't change our religion? Hmm... that would be horrible. When Tutankhamen (son of Akenaten) was six years old he changed religion back! So far everyone likes our Pharaoh! All he had to do was say... "Yes!"

Animals for sale!

Monkey for Sale!

We have a monkey for sale! Gladys has chosen to give away her beloved monkey. Even though she loves him so much she can't take care of him.


Today's forecast!


"What do you think of Seti I becoming Pharaoh?"

"I think that it is totally weird because a few weeks ago he was a wealthy commoner and now he's king? That really isn't right. It's like me becoming Queen. Well that would be great but... never mind. Wait what was the question again?" - Ahaneith, 14

"What did you think Tutankhamen's rule?"

"He was a teenager. He didn't do much for our civilization. I didn't think he had a good rule because he was an irresponsible teenager. He didn't do anything great for us." - Kheti, 43

"What do you think of Seti I becoming Pharaoh?"

"Um... I really don't have that much of an opinion on this. I guess its ok. He hasn't been ruling for very long so maybe ask this questions in a few months?" - Kamudi, 37


Since the beginning of time people have been wearing sandals which is still really trending! + linen is used to make most of allllllll the clothes. If you have enough money jewelry is a great way to go! Especially make-up. It is said that if you wear makeup you please the gods. You can buy most of these items in your local market.

Today's Comics!

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Job Opening!

We need another Sales person for Paloma's Weavery!

Paloma's Weavery is a shop that sells the finest clothing. All hand made. They make all of the new trends! YOU MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE!