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What is PlayBeatz?

The special Bluetooth headphones from PlayBeatz are an innovation in the field of in-ear headphones due to their enormous bass and strong sound quality. They are also compatible with iOS and Android. Many Bluetooth headphones are currently flooding the market, and all of them want to be well received by customers and perform best. They all advertise with particularly high sound quality, particularly strong bass and a perfect fit in the ear. But many don't deliver what they promise and often enough they fall out of their ears at the slightest movement. PlayBeatz in-ear headphones, however, speak a completely different language.

Why do I need this device?

If you're one of those men who likes to get physically active and often either go to the gym or jog to let out their frustration and stress, then you certainly want to listen to your favourite music. Who wouldn't want that? Only through the fast and hard rhythms of the music that you prefer to listen to do you really get into the flow and the sport really "flows" just like that. You hardly feel it.

But how often did the headphones fall out of your ears, even though they were especially designed for sports and fast movements? Many manufacturers don't live up to their promises, and when it comes to sports at the latest, they leave you in the lurch. And what can you do then? The frustration from everyday life and work comes along with the frustration from these non-functioning headphones!

But with the wireless earbuds (compatible with iOS and Android), you're on the safe side now because they get stuck in your ears and no matter what you do, they don't fall out. Plus, the bass is enormous and the sound quality is so strong that you think the singer of your favorite band is standing right in front of you singing! With this great view, sport will certainly be much more fun than before.

PlayBeatz rating and recommendation

With all the headphones that work via Bluetooth and are placed in the ear, it's hard to find the right headphones for you. And with all the great promises made by manufacturers, it's not easy to find out which ones are as great as they're advertised. Often the manufacturers only want to sell their products with as much profit as possible and in the end you end up with a non-functional product and don't even know where to find all the great promises on the device.

PlayBeatz's Bluetooth headphones, however, according to the manufacturer and many positive customer reviews, are just as they should be: they hold themselves securely in the ear no matter what movement you make; they have a full sound; they offer an immense bass and much more. Even in-ear headphones designed specifically for sports often don't deliver what they promise, and the slightest movement you make during exercise can make them fall out of your ears.

Either because of the movements themselves or because of the sweat they produce, so they get wet and slip out. However, these in-ear headphones (compatible with iOS Android) hold securely in your ears, and thanks to the wireless function, you won't have to endure the tangled mess of cables you've been getting tangled up with with your regular headphones.

PlayBeatz Technical Facts

You will find the following features on the special headphones:

  • Distance: 10 m radius
  • Battery capacity of the charging box: 500mAh
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Uninterrupted playing time: 3 to 4 hours
  • Standby time: 180 hours
  • Earphones Weight: 4.7 g + 4.7 g (light as a spring)
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Compatibility: Headsets are compatible with most Bluetooth devices as well as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks.
  • V4.2+ EDR for superior sound quality: Noise and echo cancellation with integrated audio processing system and high-quality integrated chips for bass and stereo sound quality.
  • Ergonomic headphone design: Fits most ears for longer, more comfortable use.
  • The headphones turn on automatically and automatically connect to your smartphone when it's on: answer or reject calls with the headphones, play, skip, pause your favorite songs.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.

PlayBeatz test and quality characteristics

These in-ear headphones from PlayBeatz offer the most advanced Bluetooth version of 5.0, which is accompanied by enormous performance of a strong and stable signal connection. The so-called "Touch Control" now makes it possible to control and recall various functions by simply pressing the in-ear headphones. This version of the Bluetooth powered headphones is an updated version of the previous earphones, which has managed with fewer features and whose connection has been less strong and stable. They are now also compatible with iOS and Android.

PlayBeatz Reviews

Contrary to all the promises of other wireless headphone manufacturers, these PlayBeatz headphones seem to offer as much as their manufacturer's promises. Many positive customer reviews of these in-ear headphones support this assessment and of course everyone should find out for themselves whether they really work so well and meet their own expectations or not. All the facts and possibilities taken together, these featherlight Bluetooth headphones seem to be a very good alternative to the other headphones of this kind and when you use them for sports at the latest you will notice whether they really deliver what they promise.

A customer writes about these headphones on the Internet that she wanted to listen to music in the gym, but that such big headphones were too clumsy for her and she didn't want to be connected to the mobile phone by cable. Then she discovered these Bluetooth headphones here and they were very comfortable to wear. They fit perfectly in her ears and held there too. There were additional enlargers etc, but they didn't need them, so she couldn't say anything about the wearing comfort with them. Her mobile phone recognizes the headphones immediately (they are compatible with iOS and Android) and so she can easily adjust them with the remote control. Even taking calls is no problem. There is a button on the remote control and she can answer the call quickly. Without a cable, she could also knee-bend with a barbell in her neck without this Bluetooth headset or the cable interfering. Also the sound of the playback is very clear and pure. Therefore, the price is very good for them. The optics also look good and since they are so comfortable to wear, she recommends them to others, also because they are compatible with iOS and Android. They charge quickly via USB, which they usually do overnight. But they lasted a very long time, so they only need to be recharged once a week as needed. Finally, in-ear headphones that didn't squeeze or hurt her ear, she continues.

A customer of these in-ear headphones from PlayBeatz talks about how he wears them regularly during sports and how great they got stuck in his ear. He did a lot of sports and was very intense, so he cared a lot that the headphones would stay in his ears. So far, everything has gone perfectly and, in his opinion and experience, both the sound and the bass and all the other functions are first-class and not comparable to all the other wireless headphones. He also likes the fact that they are so super compatible with iOS and Android. Further customer experiences can be found via this link! *
PlayBeatz earphones

Where can I order PlayBeatz?

Unfortunately, these special in-ear headphones (compatible with iOS and Android) can only be purchased via the Internet site operated by the manufacturer himself. On this page you will get various discounts and services which you would not get elsewhere (volume discounts, free delivery, warranty etc.).

Who is the supplier of the product?

Strong Current Enterprises Limited
Postbus 202
6670AE Tedders
The Netherlands

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Email: support(atgetplaybeatz(dot)com

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