Rosa Parks

By: Selena Armstrong and Kelsea Dennett and Kaleigh Lance

Rosa Parks Personal Information

Rosa parks full name is Rosa Louise McCauley Parks,

Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee Alabama. Rosa Parks was born on Febuary,4,1913. Rosa Parks siblings were Sylvester McCauley. Rosa Parks Parens were James and Leona McCauley.

Rosa Parks Background

Rosa Parks was arrested on December 1st. Refusing to give up her seat for A white person.

Because all of the seats in the front were taken. Also because Rosa was very tired from work because she had been on her feet all day and she needed to sit down. Her job was Assistant tailor at Montgomery Alabama. She was very strong for standing up for herself

What happend on December 1st?

December 1st was the day that Rosa Parks decided not to move from her seat.

Rosa Parks was going home from work and her feet hurt and she was very tired she did not care what people told her because she was not giving up her seat. People ask who inspired her but really no one inspired her she just was not getting up because she was tired and her feet were hurting.

Was Rosa Parks scared?

Rosa Parks was not scared at all. Rosa Parks was not scared because all she did was sit down and her feet were hurting so it is not like she purposely taking someone`s spot she just sat down on the first chair she saw. Rosa Parks also did not know just because she did not give up her seat she would go to jail.
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This is Rosa Parks sitting in the front of the bus.