Why they should be legalized.


Steroids should be legalized because they don't contain any negative side effects when they are used properly.

  • They are used in the medical field to treat patients who suffer from chronic muscle wasting diseases.
  • They are used in sports to speed up the recovery process of an athlete.
  • If steroids are a dangerous supplement, why are we using them under these circumstances?
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  • Users have greater muscle retention.
  • Users will have a dramatic increase in strength.
  • Muscular endurance increases with steroid use.
  • Users have healthier and a higher volume of blood in their veins.
  • Steroids allow for an increase in testosterone, or restore natural testosterone levels in people with low testosterone.


  • Users will experience a decline in sexual behavior.
  • Users will have kidney failure and liver toxicity.
  • Users will become aggressive.
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In conclusion, steroids are a safe and effective supplement for everyone to take because of the benefits that they bring to the user.