Happily Ever After

By: Grace, Paige, and Courtney


The person who started the foundation is...

Amanda M. Reitz it all started when Amanda volunteered at a local kill shelter for animals and when she saw them she was so sad that some day they would be killed so what she did was she created a shelter that did not kill animals but her parents didn't agree with her doing that because her dad thought that Amanda lost her mind and her mom loved the idea but did not think it was possible

Extra information

Amanda Reitz often works more than 90 hours a week, but doesn't collect a paycheck.

~She has run the Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary for more than 5 years and says her reward comes in finding the right home for surrendered pets.

~"It's really rewarding, but there are times when it's hard," Amanda said. "It's so much work. But we recently sent a dog home that's been with us for five years, and that's very rewarding."

~18 months ago, the sanctuary opened an adoption center in Ashwaubenon.

~The sanctuary currently houses 230 animals and has a waiting list of 150.

~Happily Ever After is funded through donations and does not have paid staff, she said.