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Weekly update from Bonsall West September 23 2022

Principal's Message: Dream Big Bonsall West and ride with pride!

Hello parents! This week was another productive week. Our students have learned the routines of the classroom and school and so many students are participating in clubs at recess and lunch recess. We have a new dance club that was founded by Isabelle Figueroa, Addy Brady and Emily Podzius. The club will be dancing during their club time. We have a new military club. The club was founded by Peter Scroggins and Caleb Villalobos. The club will be discussing all branches of the military at recess. Friendship club will begin next week. The Friendship club will be working with students to build better friendships/help others to make a friend. The club was founded by Alayna Ryan and Charlie Denning.

Alex Tran and Qaiden Simmons have started a music club. The club will be singing songs together during 3-6th grade recess. Our i-Ready assessment window closed on Friday the 23rd. The diagnostic assessment is given to all students K-6 in reading and math. The students assessment results guide their learning pathway and is specific to their learning levels.

Shout out to Mrs. Mansell, JoAnn Caruego, Ande Mata, and Shawna Reed for being selected for our employee monthly gung ho awards!. Mrs. Mansell received the pig for her commitment to her students , JoAnn received the squirrel for doing worthwhile work, Ande received the beaver for being in control of achieving the goal/supporting our students and Shawna received the goose for always supporting our students at running club! Congratulations!

We had picture day on Tuesday, September 20th.

Our first student of the month focused on our habit, Be proactive, will be on Friday, September 30th. Your child's teacher will reach out to you if your child is selected.

Please remember to have safe driving in our parking lot. Please remain in your car and please do not double park . We want to ensure our students arrive to your car safely.

Music began with a bang on Monday, September 19th. Mrs. Deborah Pellkofer is working with all TK-4th grade students.

Bonsall West School Mission Statement

At Bonsall West, everyone is inspired to do their best, be respectful, work hard, think of others and dream big!

Bonsall West Vision:

At Bonsall West, we will focus on the future by setting goals and collaborating to create a leader culture that respectfully serves the community.

Reminder: our early release day is now Friday. Please remember to pick up your child at 1:05 for grades TK/K and 1:15 for students in grade 1-6th. Please also remind your child to bring a refillable water bottle daily. We have RO systems for fresh drinking water at school. If your child would like to get a hot lunch, please remind them to raise their hand in class.

PTA Membership Drive is open: Join via Totem ( )

Calling all volunteers! We need help with planning our Jogathon. If you would like to be on this committee to help with determining prizes, our obstacle course , help with flyers, set up, etc, please reach out to the PTA.

Every Thursday is college shirt day and every Friday is Bonsall West spirit shirt days!

For additional information, please contact JoAnn Carruego

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After School Enrichment

BUSD 6Crickets Enrichment Portal (TK-6)

BUSD Families,

After school enrichment opportunities opened up this past Monday and families were able to register their children in grades TK-6 for our after school enrichment opportunities which support academics as well as offer enrichment in STEAM, Language, Dance, Theater, Chess, Art, Debate, Animation, Coding, and Programming. Families may register for both on site and online enrichment opportunities through our district portal: BUSD 6Crickets Enrichment Portal (TK-6). Families will need their student's ID number to register through the enrichment portal. Click on the portal link, select your school, and check out these great opportunities. Registration is open so don't forget to sign up to secure your spot!

These fall programs will start in September but don't delay as they are filling up quickly! BUSD will also offer a winter and a spring session of enrichment courses for students in grades TK-6 at Bonsall Elementary, Bonsall West Elementary, and Sullivan Middle School. We are looking to expand and develop these programs in the coming years & are excited for the possibilities ahead! Sign-up today!

**Students who qualified for free and reduced priced lunch through the lunch application process, are foster youth, or are English Language learners, may qualify for a partial or complete fee reduction during registration and will be identified by their student ID number.**

Student shout outs

Shout out to 6th grade students for leading the whole school in the Cha Cha slide on Monday!

Shout out to Elena Perez, Juliet Schaffer, Brendan Lange, Arielle Lema, Natalia Gurrola and Piper Denning for working so hard on your journal writing in Mrs. Mansell's first grade class!

Shout out to Genevieve Silva Amador and Keilani Mount for collaborating on your venn diagrams in class!

Shout out to Dylan Bartuco for focusing on your venn diagram!

Shout out to Isaiah Garcia, Ian Wilson, Gabriel Maldonado, Kaiden Miguel Luki Hornwood, and Emi Reza for following class rules and working quietly!

Shout out to Lucy Leudtke for writing your name so nicely!

Shout out to Isabelle Figueroa, Addy Brady and Emily Podzius for being founding members of the Dance Club. The club will be dancing during their club time at morning/lunch recess.

Shout out to Amelia Hoffer, Kira Choi, Emery Buchanon, and Zoey Lingo for working collaboratively to make a puzzle!

Shout out to Sawyer Haberlein, Paxton Parker and Patty Elliott for sharing the definition of a 'bit' in class!

Shout out to Jedi Co, Neda Ahad, and Lonie Pisch for the beautiful artwork for topography terms/illustrations!

Shout out to Jacob HIckman, Yandel Bolanos Lopez, Lance Tiongson, Soso Heczko, Gracelyn Simon, Savanna Cease, Alyssa Bartuco and Caitrin Hart for the excellent writing on your three goals for the year!

Shout out to Emma Schaffer and AJ Heng for supporting first graders at PE!

Shout out to Caleb Villalobos and Peter Scroggins for founding the military club!

Shout out to Alayna Ryan and Charlie Denning for founding the friendship club!

Shout out to Qaiden Simmons and Alex Tran for starting the music club. The music club will be singing songs during recess.

Staff shout outs

Shout out to Mr. Guzman's class for their outstanding essays on their 3 goals for the year!

Shout out to Mrs. Milton for your detailed explanation for science explorations!

Shout out to Ms. Van Wormer's class for the beautiful flamingo art!

Shout out to Mrs. Wise for the All About Me writing that is on the wall!

Shout out to Mrs. Brady Guzman for establishing solid routines/procedures in class! Your students were doing a tremendous job working on simple/compound sentences!

Shout out to Mrs. Carcamo/Miss Yadira for providing real life application work for your students in ELD class. The students are excited to create their life in pictures!

Shout out to Mrs. Pellkofer for a wonderful lesson with first grade on using sticks in music!

Shout out to Mrs. Bennett for the cute Mr. Potato head art and for establishing routines to begin centers!

Shout out to Mrs. Quinones class for setting up great routines/procedures during center rotations!

Shout out to Mrs. Stegmiller for having center rotations that were orderly and quiet!

Shout out to Mrs. Hendrickson for your calm, patient approach to teaching!

Shout out to Mrs. Dale for explaining explicitly to students how to organize their math work to solve for addition/subtraction of decimals!

Shout out to Mrs. Miller for creating a positive, quiet environment for your 5th/6th grade students during math time and giving students tools to help them solve the math problems!

Shout out to Jen Rogers for covering a class!

Shout out to Yadira Espinoza for covering a class!

Shout out to Mrs. Mansell for creating a positive learning environment!

Shout out to Mrs. Grygera's class for their goal setting sheets they created!

Shout out to Mrs. Mansell, JoAnn Caruego, Ande Mata, and Shawna Reed for being selected for our employee monthly gung ho awards!. Mrs. Mansell received the pig for her commitment to her students , JoAnn received the squirrel for doing worthwhile work, Ande received the beaver for being in control of achieving the goal/supporting our students and Shawna received the goose for always supporting our students at running club! Congratulations!


At Bonsall West Elementary School we are focusing on the Leader in Me to build lifelong leadership skills. We want our students to focus on the 7 habits: 1. feel empowered to be proactive and be in charge of themselves,2. set goals and begin with the end in mind,3. focus on work first then play with put first things first, 4. have an abundance mindset and think win win, 5. listen to our peers and seek first to understand , then be understood, collaboratively and synergize and 7. have school work/life balance and sharpen the saw. We have attached a couple of resource that explains the paradigm shifts that we focus on as well as the habits we focus on.

This month, we learned about the 3 R's of bullying: Recognize, Report and Refuse.
Students learned what bullying is(verbal, emotional, physical and cyber), how to identify it, who to report it to and what they can do to stand up for themselves.
Parents, please make sure to talk with your students about bullying!
If you have any questions about what your student learned this week, any of the types of bullying that were discussed or if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to email Ms. Ande, the school counselor at!


PTA Membership Drive is open: Join via Totem ( ) Join soon prior to October 15th!

T shirts are available for purchase! Please see the attached flyer. The online purchasing option has been fixed!

The PTA is looking for a few parents interested in helping with planning and execution

of our upcoming Outdoor Movie Night on Friday, Oct. 21st. The time commitment is

3-5 hours total. If interested, please email Stefanie Holmes at

Upcoming Dates:

Membership drive is on now!

October 14th: Lunch on the lawn

October 21st: Movie night

Please click on the link below for the BUSD community newsletter:

BUSD Love on your back program

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Health and Safety Update

  • In regards to COVID-19, Bonsall Unified School District continues to prioritize school safety and in-person learning for all students.

    • In person learning will continue as we launch the 2022-2023 school year and Masks and COVID vaccines are NOT required in our District. Students who wear a mask will be supported and respected.

    • With this in mind, BUSD asks all students to practice frequent handwashing, covering one's mouth when sneezing, and take measures to foster a healthy immune system (i.e. proper nutrition, exercise, and rest).

    • In turn, BUSD will continue to place an emphasis on the proper sanitation of all District schools and facilities and employ various COVID-19 mitigation strategies.

    • If your student tests positive for COVID-19 please report the result to the school and know they must stay at home for a minimum of 5 days. During this time we encourage you to monitor your students for their well being and return them to school once they are symptom free and test negative.

    • BUSD is and will remain in compliance with all county and state mandates regarding COVID-19.

Upcoming Events

September 30th: First Student of the month assembly: Habit 1: Be proactive.

October 14th:End of first quarter, Minimum day, dismissal at 12:45, Lunch on the lawn

October 21st: Movie night