Kate Tasker

Perseverance vs. Persistence

Persistence and perseverance have many similarities and differences. Being persistent and persevering through something both require having an obstacle in your way. Also, both deal with overcoming some sort of difficulty. The two differ because you have to persevere right when adversity comes. You'd have to persevere through something like in the book "Unstoppable" when a women had to act right away when her community would not recycle anything. Persistence occurs continually and people know what danger is ahead. Also in the book "Unstoppable", A man ventures off to make his nut cart (which most people might find petty) successful in spite of difficulty. It may have taken a while, but he became a huge hit. Persistence and perseverance are like identical twins, could come across the same but are very different.

Never Give Up on Your Dreams

When someone has to persevere they probably have to come across an adversity. Adversity is considered a set-back or problem. When you persevere through an adversity, you're finding a way through it or a solution. For example, in the movie Rudy, Rudy is faced with many obstacles while trying to get into Notre Dame. They included... getting bad grades, not having enough money, people not believing in him, ect. But, he came up with ways to show people that he was Notre Dame worthy like improving his grades, showing off his football skills, never giving up, and much more. With that his problem was solved and he was able to get into Notre Dame. Even though adversity can be difficult at first, you can find many different ways to persevere through it.
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Hurtful Words

When you think of the word perseverance, what images pop into your head? A person recovering from faltering or falling? Someone being brave and noble? People who persevere are strong no matter what size they are because they are overcoming an adversity. Jackie Robinson was just an average baseball player but received many mean comments due to his skin color. People would be in the stands saying racist terms but Jackie would stand there, tough and heroic, and just ignored them. Jackie would be up to bat and people would harass him but he kept on swinging. Jackie would be on base and the other team would taunt him, he just kept running.On the inside, those comments were so hurtful and distressing to Jackie. But on the outside, Jackie stayed calm and unperturbed. Even though Jackie was tormented time after time, that didn't stop him from becoming one of the best baseball players of all time. It doesn't matter who you are or what you look like, everyone has to persevere.

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Fighting Your own Battle

Eleanor Roosevelt went through many adversities throughout her entire life which included being very insecure. She used these steps to get through her self-consciousness,

  1. Surrounded herself with people who made her feel good about herself
  2. Had a good family and marriage
  3. Volunteered to help people all around the world
  4. Fought for women's rights
  5. Became one of the most noble First Lady's of all time
Eleanor was faced with an obstacle, being insecure, and persevered through it by finding solutions to her problem. Even though Eleanor might have been shy, she is known throughout the entire world and is one of the most influential women off all time. She may have fought for women's rights, but she was really fighting her own battle.
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