Usher House for Sale

Asking Price: $109,000

"The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allen Poe

This house is the setting for a famous story by Edgar Allen Poe, it's quite the landmark! Buy it and you'll be the envy of the town! Submit your application during the open house this friday or call (555) 178-0208 for more information.

History & Previous Owners

This magnificent house was once owned by Roderick Usher, in fact it had been in his family's possession for generations. He and his sister were the last occupants of this house. Roderick and Madeline Usher were the last of a long line of Ushers to live in this house. Both of these poor souls suffered from fear and sickness and died.


Not only do you get a new home, but some peace and quiet! The house is located a ways into the country, and it also surrounded by destitute trees and a lake. The theme of the house has a gothic style to it—high and ornate archways and whatnot. Rooms are long and lofty with tall and high pointed windows. There are beautiful carvings on the ceiling, dark toned tapestries on the walls, and ebony black floors.


  • Numerous deaths have occurred inside this house.
  • Discoloration might be slowly happening in some rooms.
  • The exterior masonry is starting to disintegrate and the surrounding walls might give out, crash down, and kill you.