Branding Myself

Erick Aguilar


  • Hard Worker
  • Honest
  • Intelligent
  • Responsible
  • Good Grades
  • Athletic
  • Good with technology


  • Not good public speaker
  • Shy at first
  • Not good socially

Purpose, Audience, and Criteria

My purpose is to get into a good college or university. Also to get recruited to a division 1 school. My audience is college recruits and an admissions counselor from schools to see me so they can see what I am capable of doing. My criteria is to get all A's and to have really good stats. Also to get offered scholarships for my athletic performance. Another criteria for me is to be the #1 recruit in the state.

Logos and Images

I see myself as an excellent student and a student that gets good grades. Also a person with a responsible and humble character. An image of me that I see athletic wise is an football athlete that will do anything in order to help his team win. Also a player that is a person that makes his whole team better due to his excellent performance.


  • Physical assignments
  • Advancement in use of tech
  • Hard assignments
  • Trusted with big jobs


  • Opportunities for presentations due to not a good speaker
  • Injury
  • Not good at asking for help on assignments when needed

Slogans and Taglines

My slogan and tagline is that I would tweet out is appropriate and strong messages like, "Blessed" or "Just trying to get better each day"


I am associated with the industrial technology club and many other clubs like project snowball. I am also a member of the Leyden High School Football team as I play Wide receiver, Outside linebacker and Strong safety. I also hope to become an endorsement for big companies like Cutters, Under Armour, and Gatorade for my performance and character on and off the field.

Plan for Implementation

  • To stay an excellent student
  • Continue getting good grades
  • Stay away from stuff that will effect me like drugs, alcohol, social media drama, etc.
  • Continue to help the community and improve the environment