Module 2 Lesson 1 Assignment

Ethen Wilson


This type of tissue makes up our skin which protects us from outside forces. Are glands in our body to help us maintain body temperature and homeostasis. Also lines are organs and holds them together


Get them from pumping some iron at the gym but also just your everyday life activities! Muscle hold the body together along with the skeletal system. They both work hand in hand in order to keep everything inside are body from coming outside.
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Ever feel your joints hurting? Thats the loss of cartilage in between where your bones meet. It keeps the bones connected to each other while also not allowing them to rub against each other which causes that pain.


This holds and makes up the mail man of your body. Neurons shoot from impulses in your brain all throughout your body to tell it what to do. Whether that be hearing a sound which makes the brain automatically tell you what that sounds is or helps try to figure out what it may be.

Which One is Better?

Of all of them i think i'm going to have to go with the connective tissue. It holds everything together and keeps everything from falling out. How would we function if we were a giant blob. It is hard to pick due to the fact that each type of tissue works with each other in order to ensure the body works properly.


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