Acting and Leading: Angelina Jolie

Jolie is not only a great actress, but a great leader too.

Background Information on Jolie

Described as a natural beauty, inside and out, Angelina Jolie had some heart crushing events in her teenage and young adult years. First, she had suffered from depression in her teens because she got picked on for her very skinny appearance. Later on, this would motivate her to help other teens/young adults in this dilemma. After that, Jolie would go on to help other countries and nations with poverty and war-like damages.

Jolie's Humanitarianism

Jolie has helped many countries and these organizations:

  • Afghanistan Relief Organization
  • Alliance For The Lost Boys Of Sudan
  • Cancer Schmancer Movement
  • Care to Learn
  • Cinema For Peace
  • Clinton Global Initiative
  • Daniel Pearl Foundation
  • Direct Change
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Global Action for Children
  • HALO Trust
  • Human Rights Watch
  • Jolie-Pitt Foundation
  • Kids in Need of Defense
  • Millennium Promise

And Many More!

Photos of Jolie Lending A Helping Hand and Being A Leader

Leadership Qualities

Jolie has the inherent quality of kindness and caring. She helped an abundance of organizations and countries in need throughout her life. However, she has learned to be a leader by encouraging and being courageous. Jolie has encouraged other people and nations to live better and she has been courageous for going to countries that have been damaged by war. By learning these traits, she has helped many more people live healthier lives and have touched the hearts of people in other foreign countries.

My Opinions

Angelina and I share the traits of kindness and encouragement. In the future, I can use these traits to do incredible things or just to help a close friend. I think the courage trait is most important for Jolie because if she didn't have courage, she wouldn't have the courage to go to those countries that are in need of care and assistance. I want to be like Jolie because of her kindness and generosity towards others. Even though Jolie displayed some great traits, I believe that not all leadership traits need to be used to be a great leader. Some of the world's greatest leaders just display one or two amazing leader traits. Either way, here's a list of some terrific traits to have to be an effective leader: courage, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, caring, encouraging, and many more. Leaders like Angelina Jolie can help make this world a better place. -Taylor Haire