Arab–Israeli conflict

By : Diptendu

History of the land of Israel.

Kind David and Solomon were the first to go there and build a kingdom. The kingdom was called the Hebrew Kingdom. They were Jewish and Solomon built a temple over there in the time about 922 B.C. In 332 B.C A Greek Army led by Alexander the Great conquers the region by crushing the temple Solomon built. The Greek reign did not last for too long because the Romans led by Pompey the great defeated them in war at 63 B.C. The Roman reigned over that land for a long time, but finally the Muslim army took over at 634 A.D. After that the region comes under the Ottoman Turkish rule.


There is a solution to every problem, so there is one for this one to. The solution for the Arab Israeli Conflict is that the land should be owned by both Israel and Arab people. They both can come and live there as per there wish. Since it is owned by both if anything needs to be added to the place such as new laws, new buildings etc. If one of them agree and the other doesn't then it will not be done. Say that one side got angry at the other side and bombed the other side they will lose their ownership of the land. That is my solution.