Clarence A.Crane By:Keyonna Jackson

When he was born and Die

He lived in Warren Ohio he was born in the city of Garrettsville Ohio Clarence A Crane lived with his dad and die 1915

About Mr. Carne

Clarence A Crane worked in a maple sugar business with his dad until 1903. As a young boy he had to work with his dad. He was the worlds leading producer in maple sugar. After he was a maple sugar producer than he was a Chocolate inventor.

what he did for a living

Clarence A Cane made the lifesavers first he salled chocolate when his was a little boy now he made life savers and punched hole in it so no one can choked on it.


Clarence A Crane married Grace Edna Hart on June 1 1898 the couples had one child in the following they were divorce in 1900