Andrea Head's Kindergarten Class

Information and Important Links

About Ms. Head

¨18th year teaching
¨15th year at Audubon
¨3rd year teaching K
¨I have taught Kindergarten-fourth grade.
¨I grew up in Audubon Acres where my wonderful parents still live (just not the same house).

  • I have a older Sister who is married and has 2 children who are like my own. My nephew, Logan, is doing a work study program through OCC for industrial maintance . My beautiful niece is a just gradguated from Murray State with a pre-med degree in May and will be getting married to a wonderful man, Jonathan on Oct. 15.
  • I also have a younger brother who is a manger at Don Moore Chevrolet.

Important Links


Daily Schedule

¨Monday- Art 12:55-1:45

¨Tuesday-Library 12:55-1:45

¨Wednesday- PE 12:55-1:45

¨Thursday- Music 12:55-1:45

¨Friday- Arts Rotations 11:45-12:15- This will consist of 4 week rotations in Arts, Drama, Music and Dance.

***Students need to wear tennis shoes on Wednesdays and Friday.

***Please return all library books by Monday once they start checking out.We will collect them on Monday, and students will receive a new book on Tuesday.


Monday-Friday 1:45-2:15?? (This is not scheduled, but I have requested it at this time)


10:40-11:05 (subject to change without notice)

We would love for you to come and eat with your child during the scheduled time. Please contact the office, or send a note so we can add you to our lunch count.

Recess daily-

Monday Tuesday, and Thursday 12:20-12:35

Wednesday and Friday 10:00-10:15


Please remember to call the office when your child is absent from school.

Also, please send a note with your child when he/she returns to school explaining the reasoning behind his/her absence.

Your child will receive an unexcused absence if note is not sent to school.

Home Connection Folders

• Goes home every afternoon, We will check them each morning.

•Left Side: Home Connection Activities (This is work your child need's to work on at home to reinforce the concepts being taught in school) and other important information

(Please read over everything and return if needed. Home connections do not have to be returned)

•Right Side: Papers to keep at home.

•Please empty each night

•Please sign memo each night and return to school.


  • Each K-2 classroom will use the following clip chart as a visual reminder of student choices throughout the day.
  • Students will start the day on Blue (Ready to Learn)
  • When a student has been extraordinary, they will move to Purple (I’m Proactive). Students will receive a special note from the teacher and be sent to the office for special recognition.
  • If a student makes a hurtful choice, they will move to Green (Put First Things First). At this time students will be reminded of expectations. Teacher, “Remember our CHAMPS expectations is level 0? Why do you need to clip down?”
  • If a student makes an additional hurtful choice, they will move to Yellow (SEEK First to Understand, Then to be Understood). We will contact you at this point to make you aware of your child being on Yellow.
  • If a 3rd hurtful choice is made, they will move to Red (Think Win-Win) a Behavior Note/Office Referral will be completed and students will be sent to the office. Parent contact will be made if your child is on red..
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Leader in Me

Habit 1 – Be Proactive

“I am in charge of me!”

Habit 2- Begin with the End in mind

“I have a plan”

Habit 3- Put First things First

“I will work first and then play”

Habit 4- Think Win Win

“I win, you win, we win”

Habit 5- Seek first to understand and then to be understood.

“I will listen before I talk”

Habit 6-Synergize

“Together is better.”

Habit 7- Sharpen the Saw



If students are not following their normal routine for going home, you must send a note, email Mrs. Amber (

in the office or stop by to make necessary arrangements.

This rule was created with your child’s safety in mind.

All changes need to be made before 1 p.m.

Birthday Celebrations

If a student brings birthday invitations to school, there must be one for each student in the class, or girls can bring one for all the girls and boys can bring one for all the boys. Let me know if you need a class list.


•We love having volunteers at Audubon Elementary!

•In order to keep students safe all volunteers are expected to complete a criminal background check each year before being allowed to volunteer. This requirement is also for any parent who will be attending field trips. I have these available if you would like to take one or you can get one from the front office anytime.