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5th Cunnyingham Brittney A.

Online safety

People who are using the internet should be aware that anyone could cyber bully them so you are taking a risk just by being on the internet so online users should be aware. Another thing they should be aware of is people can trick you into anything. Being online and going on social media is something everyone does now a days people that are online can say that there your cousin or mom but you have no proof its them so you better be careful to who you talk to when you on the web
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Information Literacy And Scams

people post things online these days instead of making flyers like these.People who post online don't always tell the truth there could be jokes,lies or even scams. scams show up most of the time if there are pop ups doesn't matter how fun or good they look they are just scams trying to trick you into getting your credit card information or insert a virus into your electronic to obtain your passwords,email,pictures and possibly delete your contacts. Being on social media is not that hard to tell when its a scam unless your a clumsy person who don't pay attention to what they read and always believes whats on the internet sometimes things don't always look the way they seem.
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Responsible use

Everyone has social media which means anyone they have as friends can see what they post right? Err wrong some people don't know that there settings let everyone see what they post even strangers! Which means that anyone can see,save or even share anything you put on your social media like Facebook so young people like teenagers or preteens that have social media should be careful with what they post on there Facebook,tumbler,twitter or any other social media you have.Think twice before you post something and about how it'll affect you or those around you.
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Cyber bullying is something that happens often for those who have devices such as PS3,Xbox 360,smartphones,computers,laptops or even tablets! cyberbullies use those as well not just you if you are in a middle of a cyber bully conversation and know that a user online is being bullied you should either report them or tell them to stop you shouldn't join in the bullying.If they don't stop you can tell the user to block them or just mute them as a result for them to stop. Being a bystander is easy if your not the one being abused and its easy to watch the one getting bullied right but think of them person being bullied how do they feel. You should always do something instead of nothing to help someone who is being cyber bullied better to be safe than sorry.
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