Maximize Dot Dollars - Day Three!

Its time to Remind!! Im texting earners today!

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Time to Pick up the Phone & Text!!

It's day 3 of dot dollar week and you have already sent your personal email with their dot dollar code, but there is a good chance they missed it!! SO...I will be texting individually today with these words to say! ***also two tips

Tip 1) I copy and paste the message and just change the name at the top

Tip 2) At checkout always ask for their cell number to follow this step and it is printed on the dot dollar report


Hope you had an amazing holiday!! Just wanted to follow up and let you know your dot dollars are LIVE and ready to be redeemed!! I absolutely love shopping for a steal, and lucky for you that you earned promotion codes that S&D only does twice a year!! I sent your code(s) to your email so just make sure to check your account to grab it. I also have my list of codes right here so if you just want to text me back what you want plus your cc, Ill get it in for you asap!! Just remember to spend $50 to redeem $25 and there are a few items that are not eligible. Just check out my website and then we will go from there. My website is Ill also follow up with you later this week just in case we dont connect. Okay, Chat soon! xo, Beth

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Sample Coupon anyone???

Remember your style fix is for the quarter ending December. SOME OF YOU ARE SO CLOSE!!! And just by adding some dot dollars orders you can get there!! WE CAN DO THIS!! Just take action and it WILL HAPPEN!
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