Hemodialysis Procedure

Long but worth it!


You can receive dialysis at a dialysis center or at the hospital.

During the procedure you can sit or recline in the chair while blood flows through the dialyzer. Dialyzer acts like an artificial kidney and helps to clean your blood.

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Preperation: weight, blood pressure, pulse, temperature

Procedure- Start to Finish

  • Two needles inserted into your arm through the access and secured into place. The needles are attached to flexible plastic tubes. This is then connected to the dialyzer. Dialyzer filters your blood a few ounces at a time through one tube. This allows waste and extra fluid to be passed from your blood into dialysate, the cleansing fluid. Then through the other tube the filtered blood is returned to your body.
  • When fluid is taken from your body, you may experience abdominal cramps and nausea. These symptoms may be worse if you only have dialysis three times a week. During the procedure, if you are uncomfortable you can ask about having the speed, medication or hemodialysis fluids adjusted.
  • We will be monitoring your blood pressure and heart rate several times throughout your treatment. Why? because as fluid is drawn from the body your blood pressure and heart rate can fluctuate.
  • Almost done: when hemodialysis is finished, the needles are removed and a pressure dressing applied to help prevent bleeding. We may want to record your weight before you go. Then you are free to go till next time.

Are we done yet?

Dialysis takes a long time but it does not have to be miserable. As mentioned before you can bring things to do during the procedure.