From Cow to Football

By Drew Caroll 3AS


Did you ever wonder how a football gets to the store? Well you are in luck because I know. Read more to find out how a foot ball is made.


First the farmer tans the cow to get the cow's skin. But there's one more thing we don't call cow skin cow skin we call it cow hide. After the farmers get the cow hide they take it to the factory with transportation like a truck.


After it goes to the factory the cow hide gets cut in half. Next the footballs get a stamp to support the brand. Next the footballs get cut down to spec which would cut it in half. Next the foot balls get sowed. Then the footballs get another stamp if the design says so. After the employes stamp the footballs the footballs get 8 holes in them. Next the footballs get laced. Then the footballs go to the store.


After the footballs get to the store the employees have to get a price on the footballs. But not all footballs go to the store. Some footballs go to football teams. And those football teams can be the Hawkeys, Nebraska, teams like that.

Fun Facts

Now lets see some fun facts! Did you know the word bladder is some thing you can inflate in a football. Did you know that a football is made from a cow.


Now you now how a football gets made from farm to store. Now go outside and play with your friends.
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