Barbed Wire

What is Barbed wire?

Barbed Wire is a type of steel fencing with sharp edges along the strand. It is used to make fences and to secure your property.

Who Invented Barbed Wire?

Joseph Glidden invented the first Barbed Wire. Before it was invented farmers had a hard time farming. Wood and rock fencing took to long because of much use in the rapidly expanding west. Barbed Wire was the cheaper, easier, and quicker to build a fence.
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Where is it helpful?

It is helpful in jail because if someone is trying to escape they could just climb over the fence easily. When you have Barbed Wire at the top if they try to jump over they would cut there hands open and get hurt so it would prevent people from trying to escape.
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Why is it important?

It is important because it can save more than just one thing. It can save your farms, crops, garden, and from people getting away.

When will it benefit you the most?

If you live on a farm and make a garden Barbed wire can benefit you. Deer or animals might try to eat your crops, but will a barbed wire fence the animals wont harm your food. Farmers used Barbed Wire back in the day so people now a day should keep the tradition going.