dear janaki alwar,

Happy Birthday Beautiful, hyper, amaaazing bunking bestfriend!

i love you a looooott :* im so glad you and i started talking! i dont rememeber how we did exactly but it was mostly because of mishhii so ya. anyways, you are such an amazing friend i cant even explain! i love how you are so loyal to me and always tell me if someone talks about me and always defend me and genuinely care about me. these i some of the best qualities anyone could want in a friend :*

though we gossip and bitch a loooot haha i know you would never say anything bad about me :) oh and bunking with you (y) always screaming "SHARAAANYAAA" and ill be like "janaki shutup! what if we get caught" and remember how i ran out of the yoga room last year and u kept screaming "SHARAAANYAAA stop runninggg!" hahahaha that was so epicc (y) oh and recently when we were bunking and that avantika girl came and we were running from bathroom to bathroom hahaha :* and going for gauri's when ur like sharanya your underwear is showing! LOLOLOL

janaaaki why are you so weird yaar? now please go study maths i cant have u failing and just topping in sst because you are just great (y)

aur kyaa bolooon? anyways ya so ur really really really awesome and funny and i love you a lot and we barely have any retarded moments together but we shall have many many many this year and im always gonna be there for you and again, i love you a lot!

sorry for not writing this by hand but my handwriting sucks and i have fever yay :)

acha ok now byee.


(lol that was stupid)