Benchmark 3

Assessment Plans in Grades K-8 following CAASPP

Planning Ahead

Kindergarten through 2nd grade will administer a final end-of-year benchmark between May 9th and May 26th. All scoring should be completed by June 1st.

Benchmark 3 will not be administered in Grades 3-8 this Spring. Students in these grades have taken District Benchmark 2 and the State assessment, CAASPP, during a two month timeframe. The collective experience and perspective of teachers, support staff, school and District leaders suggests that our students will greatly benefit with a focus on teaching and learning for the remainder of the school year once standardized testing has concluded.

Grade level and department developed formative assessments are very appropriate to administer as an alternative to the summative nature of the tests students have taken recently.

Teacher teams might also want to consider the CAASPP Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs) in English language arts and mathematics. The IABs are one part of the CAASPP system, are web-based, and aligned to the ELA stands and Math domains . They can be completed in one session, and typically include 16 - 20 questions . If you would like to learn more about the IABs, please click on the link below.

K-8 Curriculum Council Meeting: Assessment

The K-8 Curriculum Council will meet on Monday, May 16. One of the agenda items is Assessment. Teachers, TOSAs, and school leaders are encouraged to meet before that date to discuss their ideas for both summative and formative assessments in 2016-17. Curriculum Council representatives should come to the meeting prepared to share assessment priorities from their school.