Where I am From

If you want to learn more about my origin keep scrolling :)

When did your family arrive in Canada?

My family immigrated to Canada on April 30th 2003.They went to the US first by plane and they stayed there for a while.They over stayed so they kicked out and they went to the Canadian border.

Where did your family come from origanally?

My family originally came from Indonesia. Indonesia is an Asian country although it is an Asian country it is most Muslim populated country in the world.

Why did your family leave the original country?

My family left Indonesia because they wanted to make a better life. I personally think they the right choice. Why you ask? I think they made the right choice because of all the spirits that inhabit Indonesia after the prayer Maghirib.

What language did your family originally speak?

My family spoke bahasa. I think the language is pretty cool because everything is spelt how it sounds.(so its kind of hard to fail a spelling test).

Do you know how your family travelled to Canada? Do you if they suffered hardship along the way? Please describe.

My family flew by plane to U.S. and stayed there for a while. Then they got kicked out because they over stayed. So then they came to Canada by car and stopped at the Canadian border and got the immigration form. The highest rank officer wasn't there to approve and sign the form so my family had to go back to the U.S. for a week. Then on April 30th 2003 my family returned to the border and got the form signed by the highest rank officer. My family also had to pay a lot of money to get their status up to a citizen of Canada.

Were there historic events that commpelled them to leave their country? Please name them.

No there weren't any historic events that compelled my family to leave Indonesia.

What kind of life did your family have once they arrived in Canada?

My family had a good life once they arrived in Canada. they lived in an apartment and the government was paying for the rent and expenses. At the time my grandpa was looking for a job.

What types of organizations existed in the past, or exist now, to help new immagrants in Canada?

I don't know of any organizations that help immigrants in Canada. My family doesn't know of any organizations that help immigrants in Canada either.