CE Discipline

The discipline process used at CE

Routines and Procedures and Processes

Classroom management is key to having fewer discipline problems. Start out your year by establishing simple classroom rules (4 at the most), routines and procedures. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

- How will the students enter my classroom every day?

- How will I accomplish transitions in my clasroom?

- How will the students leave my clasroom every day?

- How will I effectively handle disruptive behavior in my classroom?

It is your responsibility to set the expectations and norms in your classroom. I call it building the fence. Build the fence around your classroom and do not let the students move the fence posts or jump the fence. You are in charge of your classroom, so take control from the very start.


1) Give three warnings using the ABC method

· A – Ask the child to stop the behavior

· B – Tell the child to stop the behavior

· C – Process the child

o What other redirecting ideas can you come up with?

§ Ask the four redirecting questions found below (make them answer the questions)

1) What are you doing?

2) What are you supposed to be doing?

3) Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing?

4) What are you going to do about it?

§ Use Kelso’s Choices

§ Use Boy’s Town Method

§ …

§ …

2) Process the child to a partner teacher

· Use the processing procedure your grade level has adopted.

o You can also do other things at this level

§ Take away recess

§ Have them walk at recess

§ Contact an administrator or the counselor so that the child can be removed a for short period of time from the classroom and helped to refocus

3) On the 3rd processing for the same day assign Friday detention and contact the parent for a face to face conference or a phone conference. (Document this step in Eduphoria) Office referrals will not be accepted if there has not been a conference or attempts made at holding a conference with the parents.

o What are other options that you can come up with for this step?

§ …

§ …

§ …

4) On the 4th processing for the same day or if the problem persists for two to three days enter an office referral into Skyward.

Important Things To Remember

· Discipline starts over each day

· Avoid group discipline as much as possible. Find and address the source of the problem.

· Lunch detention is not an option for things that happen in the classroom.

· If something happens in music, art, PE, library, or at lunch the people in charge of those areas will handle those discipline situations. You should not input a discipline referral for something that happened when you were not around. What happens in music, PE or art is handled by music, PE or art.

· If there is a child that has been processed two or three times contact an administrator so that we can come and talk with the child before they get to the point of having to go to the office.

· Come up with a creative way that you can help the students know where they stand as far as discipline is concerned throughout the day. These methods should help the students know when their behavior needs to improve and should reward the students when they have done what they are supposed to do.

§ Color charts

§ Football fields

§ Baseball diamonds

§ Other ideas????????

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There are so many other ideas that can be found on Pinterest and other websites!

Automatic Office Referrals

· Fighting (two or more people involved); punches thrown, serious shoving, etc.

· Racial slurs, religious slurs

· Persistent use of foul language

· Anything sexual in nature

· Bullying situations……..as soon as a situation is reported to you

· There may be other situations that will need to be an automatic referral. Use your good judgment and refer as you feel is appropriate