Literacy News from Sarah Pagogna

December 2021 Edition

Essential Instructional Practice focus for December- Essential 6 Writing Instruction

The teacher provides:

  • interactive writing experiences in grades K and 1
  • daily time for children to write, aligned with instructional practice #1 above
  • instruction in writing processes and strategies, particularly those involving researching, planning, revising, and editing writing
  • opportunities to study models of and write a variety of texts for a variety of purposes and audiences, particularly opinion, informative/explanatory, and narrative texts (real and imagined) explicit instruction in letter formation, spelling strategies, capitalization, punctuation, sentence construction, keyboarding
Big picture

Using Mentor Text for Reading and Writing Instruction

Owl Moon, by Jane Yolen, is a story narrated by a young child about night owling with his dad.

Reading Lens- making predictions, understanding character feelings, and summarizing

Writing Lens- writing small moments, writing personal narratives, using figurative language

Cats vs Dogs a National Geographic Kids book. Compare and Contrast text structure.

Hurricanes by Gail Gibbons- descriptive text structure

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