AG HR News

February 2020

Paperless "Paperwork" Is Here!

We are pleased to announce that AG employees will now have the opportunity to complete a number of employment and benefit forms on-line through Frontline Central.

During the first two weeks of February, you will receive an email message inviting you to set up an ID to open an account in Frontline Central. PLEASE NOTE . . . This ID will be unique to Frontline Central. Even though you may already have another Frontline ID (for entering absences) you must still set up a unique Frontline ID that you will use only for Frontline Central. Detailed directions can be found in the box below.

After you set up your account, you can demo the system by completing a test form. See the box below for directions on how to do that.

Those of you who are covered by the AGEA Agreement are already aware that your future Tuition Reimbursement Pre-Approval and Payment Requests will be processed through Frontline Central. For details about the tuition reimbursement process click HERE.

Stay tuned for more information about how you can use this new resource!

February Chill Got You Feeling Sick? Need Meds?

Feeling sick? Stay home and login in 24/7 to schedule a FREE consult with a doctor, or call the toll free number 833-SWIFTMD (833-794-3863) or 877-999-7943. For online access go to and click "Get Started" to retrieve your login credentials. The District's passcode is AGSD18.

Looking for Information on Your Dependents' Medical Claims?

You may have noticed that when you access, you can no longer view claims for any 18+ dependents. An easy way to remedy this is to follow the steps below.

1. In order for a subscriber to view 18+ dependents’ claims information, the dependents must create their own account on the member portal. Visit and select register. They will need their SSN to register a new account.

2. Once this is established, the dependent can approve other individuals on the policy to view their health claims by clicking the down arrow next to the Welcome message in the top right-hand corner and selecting Account Settings.

3. Then select Health Sharing Information from the menu of options on the left.

4. Then Share My Health Info. The setting should be defaulted to Restricted. Click the radio button to change to Allowed. Then make sure to SAVE this setting.

You will then be able to view that dependent's claim activity.

Free Services!

Those of you who have Life Insurance provided by the District may not know that Symetra, our insurance carrier, offers some additional benefits. And . . . they are free!

Employees covered by District Life Insurance can access a Travel Assistance Program that offers 24/7 emergency assistance. There is also an Identity Theft Protection Program. And, in the unfortunate event of the loss of a loved one, the Beneficiary Companion Program can provide guidance to help with paperwork, notification, and other time-consuming details.

Want to know more about these free services? Click on the box below.

Health and Wellness Information

Our benefits broker has provided us with some great wellness resources this month. The Live Well Work Well Newsletter explores colds vs. flu and includes a recipe for ginger quinoa with green beans. Additional resources include prenatal care guidelines and information on heart health for the elderly.

Happy February to all!

Need Assistance?

For questions concerning benefits, tuition reimbursement, and salary movement contact Chris Marsala at

For questions regarding personnel or contractual issues, employment and certification, contact Dr. Wendi Lee Kraft at

For questions regarding payroll contact Amy Seamon at