Ten Ways To Avoid Being Scammed

Scams and Schemes By: Justin Clinkscales and Ethan Forrester


We will be showing ten ways to avoid being scammed. It is easy to get scammed but it is also easy to avoid if you're being careful.

Ten Ways To Avoid Being Scammed!

Number 1: Avoid suspicious websites because these websites may have scammers.

Number 2: Avoid hyperlinks in emails because they could lead to more suspicious websites.

Number 3: Use caution while shopping with phones because they lack anti-virus software.

Number 4: Keep your social security number private, technically people could be you.

Number 5: Stick to using a credit card. You could get your money back if you're victim of Fraud.

Number 6: Use A strong password because it's harder for online scammers to guess. A tip is to not use your name or birth date for your password.

Number 7: Don't friend random people on social media websites if you accidentally do you can easily unfriend them.

Number 8: Review your bank statements to make sure no one has stolen your credit card id to catch any scammers.

Number 9: Limit the amount of information you put on websites.

Number 10: Don't try to outsmart the scammer. If you try to outsmart the scammer than you may still be involved in the scam.

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