Global Scholars Program

PALCS High School 2021-2022

Big picture

The Goal

Sponsored by Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association (PSMLA) and as part of a national initiative, the goal of the Global Scholars Program is to help cultivate globally minded students while preparing students for personal and professional success in our increasingly international society.


During 4 years of high school, a student completes four components:

1. Course work:

  • 4 levels of same world language at the high school level with at least a B average
  • 4 additional credits of courses with a global nature with at least a B average

2. 8 literature / media reviews

3. 20 hours of community service with a global focus

4. Involvement in 4 extracurricular activities with a global focus

Aligning with PALCS mission

"By studying the lives and works of the great leaders in history, PALCS students will develop multi-cultural perspectives and a global awareness. PALCS will prepare students to be informed, responsible citizens with a global mentality..."

Global Scholars Program at PALCS


Ms. Barlat, HS French

Mrs. Toncini, HS Spanish


Monthly Virtual Meetings

*No cost to particpate

An electronic file will be kept to document and track student's progress in the program.

Interested in Joining?

Introductory Meeting RECORDING

Contact Ms. Barlat or Mrs Toncini by Canvas message to get more information