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August 24, 2018

Holy Child Chapel Update

We are moving along with the design of the Holy Child Chapel and we are getting close to the point of construction. There are several items we still need (which is below) and once we have all the items in place, we will set up a day for construction/painting, etc...

The items we need are:

2 gallons Valspar paint 5010-8 Gypsy Teal Glossy (from Lowe's)

2 Kneeling Angel Statues (for next to the Tabernacle) cost is approximately $800

Benches/carpentry-We are still waiting on the cost of building the benches, but we are looking for sponsors.

Curtains (Price and design still being determined)

Rug (Price and design still being determined).

Holy Water bowl (specific design we are looking for-we have the holder, just not the bowl)

Corpus for a Crucifix (specific design we are looking for-We have the cross, just need a corpus).

Next week the room will be prepped for painting.

If you would like to help with any of these items, please let Mr. Steffens know at

Spirit Dress Friday's

There has been some confusion today about Spirit Dress Friday. Yes, it is every Friday unless we put out a specific notice that it has changed for a Friday. It is not just half-day Fridays, Spirit Dress is for every Friday.

We need those box tops!!

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Sports update

In addition to the update from last week listing all the different sports that we will be participating in (which expands the sports program) we will still be participating in the APIAL in soccer, track, and golf. The other sports will be in leagues around Santa Fe.

The golf season starts fairly soon for the fall. If your student is interested in playing golf, please contact Mr. Montoya at

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion(Eucharistic Minister)

All parents, grandparents or family members who would like to be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at our school Masses must be commissioned by their home Parish, must be active in their Parish, and also have completed the Virtus program. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Cathy Martinez at

Choir News!

Hi Santo Nino Angel Families,

Hooray! Choir will start next week! August 28, afterschool until 4:30. Snack will be provided. I release around 4:25 so that students can get their backpacks and we head outside for pickup. Students not picked up by 4:40 will be walked to Aftercare. If your child will report directly to Aftercare after choir, please let me know at

Snack provided for the entire year is $15 per child. If you choose to send your child with their own snack, please no nuts. Please bring your $15 to me at your earliest convenience.

Attached you will find our Parish Visit/Event Calendar and Expectations Agreement.

Thank you! I’m so excited!

God bless you,

Miss Echols

Tardy & Drop Off/Pick-up

We have not been counting tardies the first 2 weeks. On Monday August 27th, we will start counting students tardy. If your student is going to be tardy, you must come in and sign them in.

At student drop off/Pick-up, please do not be talking nor texting on your phone. This is a hazard to our students.

Lastly, please do not park in the red-zone. This really slows down the traffic. We try really hard to get cars moved in and out as quickly as possible and with your assistance, we can!

Curriculum Night-September 6th

Curriculum Night is September 6th

We will begin in the cafeteria at 5:30pm for introduction of faculty and staff. There will be 4 total sessions. The first 3 sessions are for all grades except 6th. The multiple sessions are for families that have multiple students so you can attend each teacher.

Session 1-6pm-6:25pm

Session 2-6:30pm-6:55pm

Session 3-7pm-7:25pm

6th grade will be in the 21st century room from 6pm-6:55pm.

August Menus

School calendar

Volunteers Needed!

If you have service hours you are looking to complete, we need volunteers for lunch and recess duty 11-1 every day. If you can volunteer, please let Ms. Martinez know at

Faculty Spotlight

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It DOES take a village...More info coming soon! Be looking for it!