Ralph Lauren

American Designer

Full Name: Ralph Lifshitz

Place of Birth: The Bronx, New York.

Date of Birth: October 14th, 1939.

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Personal Information:

Early Family or Work History:


Mom- Frayal Lifshitz

Dad- Frank Lifshitz

(Jewish Immigrants)

Ralph is the youngest of four siblings

Hired by Beau Brummell Ties as a designer.

Personal Traits or Characteristics related to FACS Career

He wanted to be rich.

& He was associated with Class and Taste.

Education or Training:

Colleges, univrsities, or other training attended:

Baruch College- business for 2 years before dropping out and spending time in the army.
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FACS Careers or Occupation

Claim to Fame:

Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Corporation


7 Coty Design Awards

1986- In Coty Hall of Fame

1992- Received lifetime achievements award

1996- Designer of the Year