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LINC 66: Introduction to the Internet (CRN# 22182)

Feeling intimidated by the vast amount of information offered on world wide web? Fear not! This course explores he educational, personal, professional, and social benefits of the internet. Participants will also develop information literacy skills by examining current trends, tools, and technology for information, communication, and collaboration.

This course meets 12/2 and 12/9 at the Krause Center for Innovation.

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LINC 57: Makerspace - Designing Learner Centered Instruction (CRN #22686)

What will you create today? Examine the learner-centered approach to build transformative experiences for all involved. Learn with new technologies that exist in our new Makerspace and find ways to create student-centered activities and projects that will enshance critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

This course meets at 4pm to 5pm on 11/29, 12/5, and 12/12 at the Krause Center for Innovation Makerspace.