Our role in solving the world's problems


Pollution is harmful alteration of the natural state of a medium as a result of the introduction of an agent oblivious to that environment (pollutant), causing instability, disorder, harm or discomfort to the ecosystem, in a physical or in a living 0.1 The contaminant may be a chemical, energy (as sound, heat, or light), or even genes. Sometimes the contaminant is a foreign substance or form of energy, and sometimes a natural substance.


One of the most important option you can take is to stop using transportation that pollutes a lot, you should be aware that a car is a great source of pollutants and not only due to use for short trips.

We can use that transport more environmentally friendly means of transport or with more people to avoid the use of individual cars.


What we can do

An Option

The most easy and accessible to all people to help pollution is recycling, with the help of recycling all of us can be part of the solution, and we shekels part of the cause.

By recycling we can reuse most of the materials that cause pollution in the world, giving them a new use because most of them are used only once and are discarded without the awareness that they can give a new use.