Let's Create a Video

Different Methods and Styles for Creating Videos

Things to Remember when Creating Videos for Students

  1. Yes, we do sound funny to ourselves. No, we are not movie stars. Please remember your students see you everyday and accept you the way you are, so let go of the self judgement.
  2. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Attention spans are limited and after awhile we all begin to sound like a Peanut's character.
  3. When beginning to create videos use what you have such as smartphones, flip cameras, web cams, smartboards, expo boards, poster board, etc. There is plenty of time to take it up a notch to green screening.
  4. Organize all video presentation material before beginning to record. In the beginning, I scripted myself and now I simply have the problem and pretend I am in front of the students teaching.
  5. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, no one is perfect. Simply do what you do best-teach your students.
  6. Use a good microphone when recording, because nothing is worse than not being able to hear and clearly understand the presenter.
  7. Record and create videos where distubances are limited.
  8. Create different types of presentation videos to avoid monotony.



Allows voice to powerpoint


Allows voice to powerpoint


Create excellent powerpoint presentations


Allows recording of both computer screen and voice recording


Records screen and voice to create video

Genius Scan

Allows you to scan a document, save as a jpg, then send to email. This enables you to insert document into video clips and powerpoints.


Online caculator, graph creations. Simply record your screen and present your lesson.


Add some humor to your presentations through photos and your voice


Create math cartoons that teach the concept