Foster Science Initiative

We make science more awesome!

The second six weeks are here!

Foster Elementary upper grade science teachers,

Being new to Science, it would be invaluable to have your expertise and contributions as we align and develop our next steps for the 2nd six weeks.

We will meet this Friday 10/03 at 7:00am / Science quad - Mr. Villegas room

Please bring a list of the SE's that you will teach in the 2nd Six Weeks (i.e. ACP blueprint)

We will build a curriculum calendar together and I will provide exams that you can use as common assessments for the 2nd six weeks in English and Spanish.

Looking forward to collaborate and make great things happen!

Thank you,

David Villegas.

What the Foster Science Initiative will accomplish, in the long run...

  • Meet every six weeks to insure our curriculum calendars / common assessments are aligned to the district curriculum and will prepare 3rd and 4th grade students for 5th grade Science.

  • Share our lesson plans to make sure they mirror 5th grade science.

  • Have a good time and share scholar’s success!

Thank you for everything you do!

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