Ancient Korea

By: Abby, Emily, Maddy

Geography in Ancient Korea

  • The Korean Peninsula boarders China and points towards Japan.
  • 70% of the country is covered in mountains.
  • The Taebaek Mountain range is located along almost all of the eastern part of Korea.
  • Farming is difficult on the mountains, so people tend to live more in the Eastern parts of the country.
  • It has 5,400 miles of coastline
  • Jangma is a rainy season in the summer and winters tend to be bitterly cold.
  • Since Korea has such a close proximity to China, it has received many technological and cultural influences.
  • Korea acts as a culture bridge for China and Japan. Korea receives culture from China and then passes it onto Japan.

The Society of Korea

  • dynasty set a social structure ;
  • Silla dynasty:Artistic, “City of gold”, 682 confucian academy to train high officials
  • Koryo dynasty:perfected celadon... ie. porcelain
  • Choson Dynasty: longest, created alphabet,
  • Alphabet(Ruler was King Sejong,Hangful)
  • Extremely high literacy rat
  • Two different types of dance
  • jeongjaemu, performed at banquets
  • ilmu, performed at rituals

Things That Make Korea Interesting and Unique

  • Jikji, the world's oldest movable metal print document (picture below)

  • The turtle ships, possibly the world's first ironclad warships, were deployed, and during the reign of King Sejong the Great

  • Korean alphabet hangul was created
  • During the Stone Age
  • Emperor Wudi set up a military colony
      • from this outpost Confucian traditions and Chinese ideas about government, also writing and farming methods


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