3rd 6 weeks project

Megan Bennett

Revising and editing techniques

Correct anything needed to ensure good word choice for the appropriate audience. I mean you wouldn't use a big word when talking to 1st graders, would you?


Effects of setting on plot development

In liturature a story's setting not only creates conflict, but it also may determine the choices that characters ultimately make.



Importance of plot and settings

Without plot and setting there is no way to picture exactly what the story is trying to tell you. Okay, so, you're sitting drinking water out of a clear glass. Where did you just picture yourself? You're answer is probably completely different from some other people's, or even exactly the same.

Different types of point of view

The different types of point of view are:

Third person: (omniscient,narration, and limited) this is a narrator telling the story, while he or she is not a character in it.

First person: This us when someone who is in the story can see and hear what Is happening and is tell the reader.

Brain storming ideas

Making graphs by producing a good organizational stragedy.