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Thanksgiving is a holiday surrounded by myths and legends. Many societies have a day set aside to give thanksgiving for the many blessings they enjoy. In the United States, Thanksgiving has become a time for families and friends to get together, eat probably too much, and give thanks. Following are some interesting facts about this beloved holiday. While most Americans think of the Pilgrims as celebrating the first Thanksgiving in America, there are some claims that others in the New World should be recognized as first. For example, in Texas there is a marker that says, Feast of the First Thanksgiving 1541.The date of what is typically recognized as the first Thanksgiving is not precisely known though it occurred between September 21 and November 9, 1621. The Plymouth

Pilgrims dined with the Wampanoag Indians for the first Thanksgiving. The First Thanksgiving lasted for three days. According to Edward Winslow, a participant in the first Thanksgiving, the feast consisted of corn, barley, fowl including wild turkeys and waterfowl, and venison. 52 Pilgrims attended the first Thanksgiving in 1621 including John Alden, William Bradford, Priscilla Mullins, and Miles Standish. Approximately 50 Native Americans attended the first Thanksgiving including Massasoit and Squanto -the Pilgrim's translator. The First Thanksgiving was actually a secular event that was not repeated. A Calvinist Thanksgiving actually did occur in 1623 and did not involve sharing food with the Native Americans. The first national celebration of Thanksgiving was declared in 1775 by the Continental Congress. This was to celebrate the win at Saratoga during the American Revolution. However, this was not an annual event. In 1863, two national days of Thanksgiving were declared: One celebrated the Union victory at the Battle of Gettysburg. The other began the Thanksgiving holiday we still celebrate today.

Andrews Band

High Point, NC− Last weekend, November 2, 2013, the T.Wingate Andrews Marching Band won first place in the NCA&T GHOE (Greatest Homecoming on Earth) parade.

Throughout the parade, were randomized judges set up; where they judged on anything from consistency to musical arrangements. Bands were also judged on the ability to keep the crowd standing and chanting. Bands that participated in the competition along with Andrews were Dudley, Smith and Northwest High Schools. After the parade, as the bands lined up in front of NCA&T cafeteria, it was obvious that it was about to go down. The battle included everything from physical and musical aggression to fierce impromptu drumline competition. Although the winning trophy is given to the band winning the parade, the winner was clearly defined in the battle as Andrews took home first place.

In addition to the parade, the band performed a three0minute breakdown fro the judges, which was written by drum majors Solomon Reynolds, and Edward Kirby, band students Marcello Caviness, Madison Caesar and La Deja Miller. It’s clearly be defined that marking your calendars for next years GHOW, will truly show that it is the Greatest Homecoming On Earth.


High Point, NC- Andrews teachers participated in the AVID College door competition. They were to be completed by November 1. All doors were decorated at T. Wingate Andrews High School to spread college information to students.

Andrews teachers participated in the AVID College door competition where all doors were decorated at T. Wingate Andrews High School to spread college information to students and motivate them to attend a college. They were to be completed by November 1, judged on the 4th, and the winners were announced on the 6th at a staff meeting. The requirements were to have the name of the school they were assigned through a drawing, their school colors, their mascot, admission requirements, academic majors, fun facts, sports, etc.

4th place winner, Ms. Lynch in room 119, represented Notredame college, a Catholic school. She stated that she enjoyed doing this college because she is also Catholic. Apparently it took her all week to complete the activity. Visual Arts teacher Ms. Preudhomme, who won First place in the competition stated, “Yes , the competition was a lot of fun. The competing part is what made it fun.” Apparently it took her 8 hours on a football her and her students helped create and 8 hours on the door itself.

The other lucky winners who placed was Ms. Woodworth who placed 2nd, along with Ms. Price right behind her placing 3rd, and last, Mr. J. Murray placing 5th.
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