The State of Wisconsin

By Miss Mikle

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History of Wisconsin - 1848 the 30th State is Born!

Wisconsin (first called Ouisconsin) was named by its first residents, the Chippewa Native Americans. It's name means "gathering of waters or place of the beaver". However, it also has other nicknames as well. Early settlers from Europe (Germany, Norway, Poland, Italy, and Ireland) learned the earth was great in this state for mining and farming! Men who spent a great deal of time in deep tunnels mining for lead were called Badgers. Not only is the badger our state animal, but Bucky Badger is the mascot for our state capitol's college. Wisconsin is also the leading dairy producer in the United States! That gave us our 3rd nickname of "The Dairy State" or "America's Dairyland". People in Wisconsin must be proud to be called "Cheeseheads"!

Geography of The Land

Wisconsin is a beautiful state with many different features carved out by the glacier thousands of years ago! It has over 15,000 of lakes and rivers, thick forests, prairies of wildflowers, rolling hills, bluffs and fertile valleys. This mitten-shaped state covers 54,310 square miles.

Wisconsin Has 5 Nicknames!

Economy in Wisconsin

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