Patrick Demarchelier


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British Vogue, August 2012

Emma Stone is on the cover of this British Vogue magazine. She is wearing a checkered wool sweater($987) that had crystals embroidered into it. She's also wearing a leather cap($354), gold locket($1086) and gold chain($225) as well. Her makeup was done by Revlon, hair done by Orlando Pita for Orlo Salon.

Background history

Patricks thought process was to make the photo simple and beautiful all together. He wanted to have a variety of good colors and textures. The look of the checkered sweater gave a good texture feel to the photograph. The photo is famous for being one of the most popular British Vogue magazine covers. It was taken in a studio in vogue. The story is all about Emma Stone.


I like this portrait of Emma Stone she has a really basic pretty look to her. What makes it unique is that the clothing she wears goes along with her make up and suits her well. It brings out her really beautiful look. I would maybe change the colors of her lips to red so it would stand out. But I wouldn't change anything about how she's posed. Yes Patrick captured Emma's personality in this photograph very well.