Respiratory and muscular system

hypertension and Nemaline Myopathy

General information ?

rod body disease can be inherited, it is a group of diseases that causes problems with the tone and contraction of the skeletal muscules

What body system does it affect ?

skeletal and muscular

What organs of that body system does it most affect?

the muscles of the neck,face,and upper limbs and sometimes the repiratory muscles( control breathing)

How do you get the disease?

A variety of genetic defects each one affecting one of the filament proteins required for muscule tone and contraction


feeding tubes are the only thing that can cure this disease

Who is most likely to get this disease?

you can get the disease anywhere from childhood and then you will only live till adulthood and you can get it when your 20-30 years of age

Does it affect any other body systems?

just the muscular,skeletal,and respiratory

Other facts?

if you get Nemaline myopathy when your an adult you can have troubles swallowing


General information ?

high blood pressure is a common condition in which the force of the blood against your artery wall is high enough that it may eventually cause health problems, such as heart diesease.

What body system does it affect?

circulatory system

What organs of the body does it most affect ?

heart, veins, kidneys,and arteries

How do you get the diese?

high blood pressure, smoking, being overweight older age, stress, genetics, and to much salt in the diet


treatment for hypertensive heart diesease depends on the seriousness of your illness, your age, and your medical history, like lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol by eating a healthy diet and monitoring stress levels are possibly the best ways to treat and prevent heart problems, or in more extreme cases, you may need surgery to increase the flow of your blood to your heart.

Who is most likely to get this disease?

Anybody with risk factors
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